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The most common way to think of "life" insurance is to think of it as providing coverage for everything in your life. In the event that you pass away, a  McAllen life insurance policy will take care of your loved ones, bills, estate, and anything else you may own as long as it is covered in the insurance plan. READ MORE >>

According to Investopedia, a restrictive covenant is a clause in a deed that defines and limits what the owner can do with their property. One thing to note about a restrictive covenant is that surrounding property owners, or a homeowners' association, can take the case to court to enforce the restrictions. READ MORE >>

Insuring an automobile may seem like an easy task. That is however, until it comes to choosing a policy type.  Most business owners are confused over whether to choose McAllen auto insurance or commercial auto insurance to cover their vehicles. This confusion often causes them to either under insure or over insure their vehicles. READ MORE >>

When dealing with a McAllen home insurance claim, one of the very first steps to take is to make contact with the provider of your home insurance. Owning a home insurance policy and making a claim does not necessarily lead to full reimbursement. Your claim could be denied. READ MORE >>

It’s crucial to insure your home and property against a wide range of risks. McAllen home insurance companies are very flexible in this regard and often present home owners with several different policies to insure their homes. You may be torn between several options for your own insurance, especially if you are not particularly knowledgeable in this field. READ MORE >>

Once you retire, there are many things you no longer have to concern yourself with, but insurance is not one of them. Having a well-designed insurance portfolio ensures you will get the most out of your retirement. Here are some types of coverage you should consider before and after your retirement: READ MORE >>

In the event of a loss, insurance providers have the right of subrogation. What this means is the insurance company can choose to recover the claim amount that was paid to a covered person, if the loss was caused by a third party. READ MORE >>

Insurance offers consumers quite a few types. There’s auto, life, health, home, and more and more. Some types of insurance, specifically social insurance, consumers don’t buy for themselves. This is a government-sponsored program. READ MORE >>

Over the many years of your driving life, your auto insurance rates can rise and fall like the chest of a sleeping dragon. They can be affected by your driving history, safety measures in your vehicle, driving education and by outside factors that you have no control over. READ MORE >>

There are many different insurance terms and policy options that can be easily misinterpreted, when it comes time to start thinking about insurance. Many customers don’t grasp the full extent of what their policies cover, some don’t know what their deductibles and limits are, others s... READ MORE >>

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