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When you die, you’re going to want to leave instructions for your survivors on how to handle your estate. If you have life insurance, you will include this policy as one of the assets that survives you, and for good reason. It can serve as a valuable financial tool to help survivors pick up the pieces following your death. READ MORE >>

The 2018 flu season has been one of the worst in recent memory. Widespread cases of flu have hit 46 states and there has been a significant increase in the deaths. It’s not over yet, so heed these warnings to look after yourself.  Influenza is an extremely contagious and risky virus. READ MORE >>

Everyone needs to take care of their car. Part of this involves knowing how seasonal environmental changes effect the vehicle. Though durable, vehicles can sustain damage when exposed to harsh winter weather.  You might have to foot the bill for expensive repairs if you don’t take care of your car during the winter. READ MORE >>

The holidays often means sharing your home with more people. It can be a fantastic way to spend time with loved ones. Friends gather. Even coworkers are welcome. Yet, with more people also comes higher risk. Homeowners can take steps now to protect themselves and others from such risks. READ MORE >>

Having the right type and amount of life insurance is important to everyone. For some people, term life insurance is best. For others, whole life insurance is a better option. Work with your agent to determine which fits your needs. It is possible to make adjustments. You do not have to wait until your policy expires to do so. READ MORE >>

Workers' compensation provides financial support to business owners. Some companies don't see it as an initial benefit. It always is. In nearly all types of employment, it is possible for an employee to suffer an injury. If this occurs, the business often must compensate the employee for losses. READ MORE >>

High blood pressure is a phenomena where someone’s blood presses against the walls of their blood vessels at a high and consistent rate. Left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to many health problems. This may include the risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and multiple other issues. READ MORE >>

You've heard about the importance of being honest with your auto insurance carrier. Simply, you need to provide accurate information any time you speak to them. If not, you could be committing insurance fraud. It's important to know what this type of fraud is. READ MORE >>

Whenever you take to the water, your boat faces risks. You also face risks yourself. Negligent risks could lead to increases in your boat insurance costs. Protecting yourself and your vessel means possessing the proper operational equipment. Certain operational equipment can increase your awareness of your surroundings. READ MORE >>

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely know the value of your bike. Taking care of your bike should be your first priority. Part of this care should include getting motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance can protect the bike from a variety of different perils. Among these perils is the likelihood of theft. READ MORE >>

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